Man sparks debate as he asks whether going to ‘big Tesco’ counts as a date


A man has sparked a debate online over whether or not a trip to the “big Tesco” (or Tesco Extra as it’s actually called) could potentially count as a date.

While the idea of walking around the supermarket sounded like a great date to some people, others were horrified at the thought of it.

Looking to solve a disagreement with their partner, the man took to Reddit to ask others for opinions on the controversial topic.

In the post, they wrote: “My girlfriend thinks going to big Tesco together counts as a date. I completely disagree, what is everyone else’s opinion?”

The majority of people in the comments agreed with the poster and said that they’d be disappointed too if they were taken on a date to the supermarket.

One person answered: “Only if you buy the stuff you ordinarily wouldn’t. Trampoline=date. Groceries=not date.”

Another commented: “I wouldn’t think of it as a date personally. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but a date to me would imply going to a pub or restaurant, a nice walk or something like that.”

But others said it could be good fun if you took the right person.

“F**k yeah it does, going to the big Tesco is like going to IKEA,” argued one person.

While someone else added: “Absolutely is a date. My fiance and I have Tesco dates in the evenings.”

A third also put: “As long as you stop off at the café for something to eat, or buy ingredients for a date meal, it counts.”

Others shared dating stories of their own.

“I had a date once to a Morrisons. We had very little money so we looked at the magazines and laughed at the stupid stories on them and then went to McDonald’s for a Mcflurry,” admitted a Reddit user.

They added: “Admittedly we had been together about 12 years at that point and had a small baby so were not out to impress and were just happy to be out of the house.”

A number of parents also agreed it counted as a date, as someone said: “One of the most common date nights we have is going to the big supermarket with nice stuff and doing a good shop.

“Then coming back home and drinking wine while eating supermarket sushi.

“Not exactly fancy but we’ve got a toddler.”