McDonald’s worker shares what the meal you order really says about you


A McDonald’s worker has shared her brutal opinions on how she “judges” customers based on the meal they order.

The TikTok user, who goes under the username @brodyj0j0, posted pictures of a number of the best selling items from the menu besides photos of the type of person she believes buys them.

First up was the Big Mac meal, which the woman believes is popular among “cowboy builders.”

Next up was the sweet chilli chicken wrap, a choice typically ordered by “roadmen” – slang for teenage boys who wear puffer jackets and sports clothes and act tough.

The woman then showed a picture of a McChicken sandwich and joked that “Karens” usually buy it.

A “Karen” for those who don’t know, is a woman who acts like they’re above everyone else and tends to complain about things that don’t bother most people.

A Mayo Chicken, on the other hand, is often ordered by “emo’s” according to the employee, and the Vegetable Deluxe burger was shown alongside a picture of a vegan woman.

In follow-up videos, the woman shared her thoughts on the Filet-O-Fish burger, chicken nuggets and the spicy veggie.

“Lil disclaimer, these were all done purely as a joke. I don’t actually see people like this,” she wrote in the comments.

Since being posted, the videos have gone viral, amassing more than three million views altogether and many people agreed she got the stereotypes right.

One person said: “As a mayo chicken lover I can agree, I’m a broke emo.”

Another wrote: “Offended – the McChicken deserves better.”

A third commented: “I get the veggie dippers because I’m gluten intolerant. It’s not by choice.”

Someone else put: “The sweet chilli one nearly killed me.”