‘My husband lost a bet so I got to name our daughter after a song he hates’


Deciding on a baby name both you and your partner love can be quite the challenge.

So to make the task much easier, one woman placed a bet with her other half on what they should name their little girl.

If she won, she would get to name their daughter after her favourite – his least favourite – song.

TikTok user @amosley9 took to the social media site to share a video of herself rocking her baby in a sling as she washed out her bottles, with Dolly Parton’s song Jolene playing in the background.

“When your husband loses a bet and you get to name your daughter after your favourite song your husband hates,” she wrote on the clip.

Since being posted, the video has been watched more than 240,000 times and has received hundreds of comments from people who were divided by the name.

One person said: “I have a Joleen, she can sing the whole song.”

Another wrote: “If I could have another and it was a girl, this would be it.”

A third commented: “Ughhh I begged to name our daughter Jolene last year. I love the name. Her dad hated the song too.

Someone else put: “Yassss I love that song. Great name!”

But others who were given the name admitted they weren’t so fond of her choice, based off experience.

One person wrote: “Oh hell nah.

“I don’t blame him at all I hate that song only because it’s my middle name – was named after my great grandparents.”

“Bruh my name is Jolene I hate it,” another person commented.

Although it’s now considered quite dated, Jolene re-entered the baby name charts in 2010 and has been growing more popular in recent years, according to Nameberry.

And BabyCenter ranked the moniker the 502nd more popular girl’s name in 2021.