Rare 50p coin sells for £155 on eBay and there are thousands more check your change


A rare 50p coin that recently sold for £155 could be in your purse or pocket.

The particular silver heptagon commanded the sizeable price tag after being advertised on eBay.

The good news is that there are thousands more in circulation.

After its release in 2009 to mark 250 years since Kew Gardens opened in London in 1759, the Royal Mint estimates around 210,000 were made.

It features the famous Chinese Pagoda at the Royal Botanic Garden on the tails side with the Queen’s face as normal on the other.

Change-checking website Coin Hunter puts the average resale price for the Kew Gardens 50p between £150.89 and £161.50.

There were a total of 28 bids in one auction, with the eventual sale jumping up considerably from the £5.99 starting price.

Royal Mint described the 50p piece as “arguably the most sought after” coin on its website.

It said: “Nothing gets people excited quite like this original 2009 design. Just 210,000 were released into circulation and with almost all of them in private hands, the chances of coming across one in your change are slim.”

Anyone who is lucky enough to find themselves of the piece will be in possession of one of the most iconic 50ps around.

If you find a Kew Gardens 50p in your change, the first thing you should do is check the date on it.

This is because the Royal Mint reissued a batch of the coins in 2019 to celebrate 50 years of the 50p.

This version does not seem to sell for quite as much, but can sometime fetch up to £80.